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We Are The Crafty Badgers

We decided it was a good time for a little reflection and update our bio “one year on”.

Crafty Badger was born mid pandemic in 2020. Simply because we had what we thought to be a great business idea.

So just over a year on, were we mad, and was it a great idea? Without doubt YES a little bit mad but defiantly a great idea.

Our workforce consists of two humans and one cat, you can guess who the boss is. What we all still have is a passion for quality products and exceptional service.

We focus on products which are exclusively designed by Crafty Badger. All our own work rather than following others.

You can spot a Crafty Badger personalised gift by just looking at it. They will make you smile, will be fun, unique and of high quality.

We have been lucky to gain a good sized following across social media. You can never have too many friends so come and join us on our journey.

Follow us and we hope to hear from you all soon.

The Crafty Badgers

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